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The Crazy Horse Memorial is a mountain monument under construction on privately held land in the Black Hills, in Custer County, South Dakota, United States.  Back in 1998 we climbed up and touched his face.  Since the winter weather is currenlty keeping me indoors I got out my old picture albums and browsed through them.  When I got to the Crazy Horse pictures I decided to scan them in and share them.

View from the visitor’s center of the model carving and the mountain carving behind it.

We drove to South Dakota and arrived on Sunday. This is an annual two day event. We were told those who walked on Saturday were treated to a snow storm (remember this was in June). We had misting rain and swirling fog.

Heading out on this 6 mile hike (3 mile out and back).


Our checkpoint, we are half way to the top.


Heavy mist and fog continued as we climbed.


We were still having a great time.


We were expecting it to be warmer, hence the shorts.


The ground was covered in pine needles. No mud at least.


Stopping to visit with people we knew.


Parts of the trail was steep.


Fog is gone for the moment.


Warning of a blast area.


Greeting more friends at the top.


The walkers spread out on Crazy Horse’s arm.


Kept trying to get a good picture.


Posing with Crazy Horse.


Fog  just wouldn’t go away.


The crowd of walkers all trying to get a picture.


Proof we were there!


Crazy Horse picture.


Another posed picture.


One last picture and we headed back down.


As I said this is an annual event. 2018 Event Details are available here if you’d like to hike up.


The new East Side Section of the Waco Riverwalk has been open since late October.  Today we did the loop from the Suspension Bridge to McLane Stadium and back.  It was 46 degrees with a light misting rain.

We parked in front of the Hilton and walked past the bronze cattle drive to reach the Riverwalk.

We walked toward McLane Stadium on the old West Side section.

Buzzard Billy’s , I-35 bridges and McLane Stadium.

Renovations to the West Side under I-35.

Umphrey Bridge is how we will cross to the new East Side Section.

I-35 bridges from Umphrey Bridge.

New “You are Here” maps on the East Section.

Riverwalk goes to a boardwalk style bridge as we pass Buzzard Billy’s.

The boardwalk section is nice and wide.

Covered section underneath the active RR bridge.

View of downtown.

Suspension Bridge and Washington Street Bridge.

MLK mural on the old stanchion of the inter-urban railroad.

We took the ramp up to the Suspension Bridge and found this nice marker at the east end of the bridge.

Over the suspension bridge and we were back to our cars.  In the summer there won’t be any shade on this route.  I’ve heard rumors that the Suspension Bridge would be closing for repairs but you can go a little further and cross on the Washington Street Bridge.

We were in town for a volksmarching event that evening to see the Christmas lights. We had all day so we drove around to visit the artwork. According to this North Richland Hills website The signal art was implemented in 2007 to enhance the City’s Art in Public Spaces Program. Every few years they repaint them with something different. Here is what we found.

Dolly Parton

Janis Joplin

Buddy Holly

Ray Charles


Frank Sinatra


Richland Rebels

George Strait

Willie Nelson

Jimi Hendrix

 Stevie Ray Vaughan


Roy Rogers

Ella Fitzgerald

Robert Duvall

The Beatles

Go Hawks!

If you wish to take your own pictures be aware of two things. They change the pictures every few years. What you see here, may not be what you find and these boxes are at high traffic intersections. Find a safe place to park and walk to them to take a picture. Be safe.

I made a map of the locations that you can visit here. If you visit the map and click on it on the bottom below the picture is the GPS location of the box for ease in finding.

We found the sculpture garden in 2013, and I posted about it here. We visited it again in 2017 and since they are always adding and changing the sculptures we visited it yet again. If you would like to visit here are the coordinates: 30.95563, -97.53242.

This one reminds me of a candle. I didn’t read the titles on the this time.

This one was on the hill above us.

This one is my new favorite. Wild Hog looks pretty good.

This one I pictured before.

The baby carriage was here last year also.

This abstract piece is also new.

Nearby on the new I-35 overpass is a stagecoach mural. Find a safe place to park to take a picture of it.

We went to check out the 41st Annual Scarecrow Festival in this historic town just East of Brenham.  Chamber of Commerce Website information:  

The Festival boasts more than 250 juried exhibitors (home décor, gardening, artists, craftsmen, jewelry, clothing, etc.), delicious country-style food, live entertainment and music, and tours of the historic community.  A special Children’s Activity Corner provides pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting, barrel train and more.

Which indicated there would be a lot of people.  But I was expecting a lot of scarecrows too.  They were not as numerous as I had hoped for.  Here is a small taste of the scarecrow festival through the lens of my camera.


Store built 1878 by a German settler, W. Reinstein, later became a bank.

The Old Rock Store constructed in 1869.

Modern day post office had a nice postal scarecrow.

Most of the scarecrows were like this one.  Just wooden sticks with clothes and a face.

This was a nice one.

Gazebo next to the public library.

A combination of witch and scarecrow.

A scarecrow couple hanging out in front a place where you could buy beer.

A balcony scarecrow

A witch scarecrow

A couple of kid scarecrows resting under a tree.


We braved the Austin traffic on a Saturday afternoon to visit this sculpture garden.  The sculpture pictures are in no particular order, as we wandered around going first one way then another.  These are just the sculptures I liked, not all of them by any means.

There isn’t an admission charged – its free.
Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 4 PM

Saturday – Sunday  Noon – 4 PM
Monday – Closed

The three Muses are larger than life size figures on the lawn in front of the parking area of the sculpture garden. The Greek muses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, preside over arts and sciences. Stylistically, their poses and clothing are classically inspired, creating elegant, timeless, inspirational figures.

These cast stone figures of Mother and Child and Father and Son
where done in 1962. They are also in the parking area.  They are on loan from the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Inside near the Museum Entrance (there is an admission charged to go into the museum) is this 1/3 replica of Hope of Humanity. The full size statue is in Herman Park in Houston, TX.

At the end of the patio is Winged Man done in 1959. This is also a small replica. The full size statue is at Love Field in Dallas.

Leaving the patio we wandered around the garden. We also climbed the stairs, but there are no sculptures up there.

Wild Boar – 1979

St. Francis with birds – 1972

Nun – 1972

Mother and Child – 1960

Torchbearers – 1961

Mother and Child – 1972

Family – 1960

Skater – 1970

Icarus – 1965

Bambino su Cuscino – 1976

Entrance to Jerusalem – 1953

John the Baptist – 1957

Come unto me – 1976

This piece is by Damian Priour – “Pointed Sphere” – 2005


After doing a volksmarch in San Marcos we decided to stop in Kyle for some sightseeing.  We parked at the old depot and walked around.

Kyle’s MoPac depot which was undergoing renovations now has a sign that it is “Now Open”.

Just down from the depot a nice red, white and blue water tower looks down on the Kyle Police Department.

There is an old baggage cart on the depot platform.

There is a hand car on display also.

MoPac caboose 854 also sets on display near the old depot.

We left the caboose and headed toward the Market Days activities in the park.

The new 2006 city hall building is home to Kyle’s only elevator.

Live Oak Masonic Lodge #304 has met at this location for over a hundred years.

There is a very large slice of cherry pie above the entrance to Texas Pie Company.

Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Bunton in memory of John Wheeler Bunton, this tower houses the Episcopal Church Bell from the 1880s.

The former city hall building, located in the town square, was built in the Revival style architecture style during 1912.

This fountain is in the center of Mary Kyle Hartson Park where the Kyle Market Days were going on.

A beautiful hexagon gazebo sets in one corner of the park where some musicians were setting up.

Returning to our car at the depot we got another view of the new City Hall.

Just across from the depot is the VFW Hall.

We drove over to see a hundred year old church and the WPA school buildings.

Reverend Tom Garrett was pastor of the Methodist congregation when it was organized in 1880, the same year the city was established when David E. Moore and Fergus Kyle deeded 200 acres for a townsite to the International-Great Northern Railroad.

Plaque #191 on the Methodist Church Historic locations list.

A Texas Historical Marker on this building near the corner of Nance and Austin Streets states in part that through the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a New Deal agency active during the Great Depression, the U.S. Government paid for about three-fourths of the cost while Kyle voters approved a bond issue in February 1935 to fund the remainder. Work on the project began in January 1936, giving jobs to 29 men.

The WPA buildings at the Kyle campus, crafted by local labor and built of locally quarried limestone, have served since their construction as educational facilities and social centers.

We thought we were through with our Kyle sightseeing and headed back to get on I-35, when we spotted this.

A large mural on the back of building next to the railroad tracks.

A new bar with music and dance floor, named the “Railhouse”, will be opening Oct. 2017  in Kyle.   One of the owners gave us a tour when we asked about the mural on the back of the building.

This mural is to left of entrance.

On an inside wall is this mural of Janis Joplin.

When you go out the back door there is this mural of Willie Nelson to the right.

On the opposite side of the back entrance is this mural of Johnny Cash.

All of these murals are by the same man, Gary Holman. I give his artwork 5 stars! I want to thank our tour guide for taking time out of his schedule to give us this impromptitude tour.