Kerrville, TX

After doing the volksmarch at Singing Wind Park we did some sightseeing. Our first stop was at the Museum of Western Art where two sculptures are on display out front.

“Out of the Mystic Past” by Fritz White is of a Native American shaman.

“Wind & Rain” by William Moyers is of a cowboy and his horse.

Leaving the museum we headed into town for an assortment of sights.

“Lupe” by artist GiGi Miller, is a mosaic Gudalupe Bass located in Louise Hays Park.

A very nice mural on the wall of the McDonald’s.

Mural on the top floor of the public library.

Mosiac mural is on the outside wall of the library. Can you name the books the scenes are taken from?

Opened in 1926, the Arcadia now sits unused.

Masonic Building occupied by Kerrville Lodge No. 697 A.F. & A.M., from 1891 until 1927.

A former post office, this art deco building was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds in 1935. It is now Kerr Arts & Cultural Center.

“Mother’s Love” an abstract design by James Avery.

Clock tower is one end of a skybridge over HWY 16 for City Hall employees to reach the parking garage. City Hall complete with clock tower and skybridge opened in 2012.

1936 County Marker in front of the courthouse.

Lehmann Memorial Gazebo on the courthouse lawn.

In loving memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice and in honor of all who served.

Snail sculpture near the entrance to Kerr Arts & Cultural Center

One side of a carving in the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center

The other side of the same carving.

A general store started in 1869 by Mr. Schreiner and a partner. This building was erected in 1919.

The 1915 Southern Pacific brick depot has been made into a restaurant.

Before we left Kerrville we headed over to “The Coming King, Sculpture and Prayer Garden”. After our GPS sent us to the wrong place we found the entrance. If you want to vist the correct entrance location is 30.071197, -99.115820. Keep right to reach parking area.


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