Misssion San Jose & Mission Concepcion – SA- 07/22/17

After doing a volksmarching event along the river walk in San Antonio we took time to tour Mission San Jose and Mission Concepcion before heading home.

Mission San Jose is first.

We parked in front of this building next to the mission.

Bell tower in the distance.

Statue of the Franciscan monk Fray Antonio Margil De Jesus who founded this mission in 1720.

Outdoor ovens dot the compound.

A diorama of the mission.

Well in front of the mission.

Sculpted in 1775, the Rose Window is considered to be one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in North America.

Doors to the Mission surrounded by artwork. This entrance is not open.

Looking up above the door.

Gateway into the mission on the North side wall.

Support arch.

West side of the mission.

Arches without covers.

This entrance to the mission is the one you enter through.

Alter just inside the door.

Dome with metal chandelier.

Art around the inside door.

Brass metal Stations of the Cross line the wall.

Font for water

Door has intricate design.

Another well we passed on the way out.

We headed over to Mission Concepcion

Big sign at the entrance.

Ruins and the Mission.

Water well in front of the mission

One of the two bell towers.

This entrance to the mission isn’t open.

Arched hallway down the side of the mission.

Gated stairs, they don’t want anyone going up.

Faded artwork on the wall.

Inside of the church.

Artwork surrounding what I think was the bell pull rope.

Faded artwork above an arched doorway.

Close up of the picture of Jesus.

Domed area with a metal chandelier (retrofitted with electric lights).

Outdoor alter across the courtyard.

One final look at the mission as we leave.


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