Cascade Caverns – Boerne, TX – 07/15/2017

We were in Boerne to do the Volksmarching event, so we took this opportunity to visit the nearby Cascade Caverns. While they are not rated very well I enjoyed the stroll in the cool underground. Warning there is constantly dripping water, so you are going to get wet and the footing is slick and puddled in spots. Wear rubber soled walking shoes if you go.

Gated Entrance – You have arrived.

T-Rex next to the parking area. He is made of Styrofoam and plaster and was used in Walt Disney Studios’ 1993 movie “Father Hood”starring Patrick Swayze.

History of caverns which originally opened in 1932.

Original 1932 visitor’s center, not the one you visit now days.

Looking across you see the steps you are going to go down (and climb back up) when you enter the cave.

Wall along the walkway that they claim was done by the WPA (CCC?) but no documentation available.

Tile seating at top of steps.

Little bat (and his shadow) on the ceiling of the cave.

Pretty formation.

Another nice formation.

Water used to cascade down these falls.  Hence the name “Cascade Caverns”.  Now  you see a trickle of water provided by a pump.

Inside this walled area is the remains of a Mastodon’s tusk.

Climbing back out I took advantage of  the tiled benches to catch my breath.

Dam that was built to keep the rain from filling the cavern.

Looking back at the cavern entrance.

Another bench that looks like it could be from the WPA/CCC.

Information about the T-Rex in the visitor’s center.


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