What is WPA? If you already know, skip this next paragraph.

Wikipedia Says:
It was the largest and most ambitious American New Deal agency, employing millions of people (mostly unskilled men) to carry out public works projects,[1] including the construction of public buildings and roads. The WPA also employed musicians, artists, writers, actors and directors in large arts, drama, media, and literacy projects.

Most of the WPA art was murals placed in WPA constructed Post Offices, some murals are still in those post offices. Some are now in museums like this one in Alvin, TX.

Emigrants at Nightfall by Texas artist Loren Mozley

Here is a map of Texas with the WPA art locations marked on it. Is there one near you? Have you been to the post office and never even given a second look?

This map can be visited at WPA Map. You can click on an icon and it will give you the GPS location of the artwork. Please note the caption for the different symbols on the map. Some of them you aren’t allowed to take pictures of.

I’ve enjoyed looking for these pieces of “Great Depression” artwork in my travels. I hope you start looking for them too. If you would like to post your pictures of the art you can do so at Waymarking.com. It is free to join.

Oh, by the way, Texas is not the only state that has WPA artwork. To check on your state will take a little digging but Living New Deal is a good place to start your search.


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