Albany, TX – 04/15/17

After we finished our Volksmarching event at Fort Griffin Historic Site we headed into Albany for lunch.  We chose the Icehouse Restaurant. 

During the early 1900s, virtually every Texas town had an icehouse, as ice manufacturing plants were known.  In large part, they supplied block ice to the frosty icon of the era, the icebox.   I know it will give away my age, but I actually grew up with an “icebox” and made many trips to an icehouse to bring home the huge blocks of ice.

The Icehouse Restaurant made the  area that used to house the icemaking machinery into a bar area.  The former “salt pit,” where the ice was made, is now the dining room, and the old vault where the ice was stored, is now an office and a storage room.

They have excellent salsa! 

Historic building circa 1927


Seating in the bar area

When we finished eating our lunch we headed over to the Old Jail turned Art Center.


Shackelford County’s First Permanent Jail circa 1878


Moon Ring 3 by Jesus Moroles is on the list of Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculptures


Ballet of the East by Evaline Sellors is another Smithsonian Art Sculpture.


“Tex” the Roustabout – Joe Barrington


Conversation by Pericle Fazzini


Lot’s Wife by Nathanael Neujean


Prickly Pear Cactus outside Joe Barrinton’s studio.


Crow on the roof of Joe Barrington’s studio roof.


Current Shackelford County Jail/Sheriff’s Office.


Shackelford County Courthouse built in 1883 is the oldest courthouse in continuous use the state of Texas.


Gazebo on the courthouse lawn.


1935 Sinclair service station restored to prime condition with 1950s Sinclair tanker truck.


Longhorn Skull by Joe Barrington.


First use of this building was as the White Elephant Saloon in 1884.


Albany’s City Hall


Mural on the H R Stasney & Sons building.


Matthews Memorial Presbyterian Church built in 1898.


Marker for Albany Lodge No. 482 A.F. & A.M.

We lucked upon a car show in progress. Here are just a few of the ones that I liked.

We detoured from the car show into the park to look around.

Bicentennial Fountain


Ledbetter picket house originally built near Fort Griffin. It was moved here and restored by the city of Albany in 1953.


Ledbetter Salt Work, C.S.A


Houston & Texas Central Railroad Depot is now used by the Chamber of Commerce.


Memorial to Scoutmaster of Troop 47, by former members of his troop.


The Albany News has been covering Shackelford County since 1884.


Longhorn sculpture by Joe Barrington.

We completed the circle and arrived back at the car show.


Old truck not at the car show.


The Lynch Building circa 1878 – Albany’s first stone mercantile store.


1921 Christian Church


Cook Ranch Oil Rig in a small park as a reminder of the area’s oil history.


1936 Centennial county marker in same park as the oil rig.


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