Georgetown, TX – 04/07/17

We were in Georgetown to do a volksmarching event.  So we stopped by the Public Library to see the Sculptures they have on display.

There is a stained glass window.


I didn’t find a plaque for this abstract piece. Looks like a dragon made with musical instruments.


Gwaihir by Marika Bordes


Gwaihir is the mythological eagle in the “Lord of the Rings”.


Stained glass window from inside.


Nearby plaque tells that is a memorial for Dixie Hanna.


I didn’t get a clear shot of the plague for this one.


Abstract piece called “Got It!” by Rod Garrett.


Joe Kenney’s piece called “Little Flower”


No plaque found on this one.


“The Book” by Gary Yarrington

We went out the back (9th Street Entrance) to see these on display.

“Danielle’s Dream” by Dan Pogue


“Sympatico” by Pokey Park


A different angle to show the dog.


A mosaic pieced called “The Painted Gourd” by Dar Richardson


Another abstract. This one is called “Lemon Squeezer” by Bob Ragan


I thought the plaque was for the metal poppies, but it is for the live tree which I didn’t take a picture of.


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