Comfort, TX – 03/11/17

We were in the area to do a volksmarching event.  The walk started at the Cypress Creek Community Center and was on country roads. 

A tiny one-room schoolhouse, which operated from 1908-1942. It is now a Community Center.

After doing the walk we headed over to the Comfort historic district to look around.

Constructed in 1907 for Alex Brinkmann, this building housed the Comfort State Bank until 1960.


Built in 1916 in the heart of Comfort’s business district, the Arno Schwethelm Building served for 60 years as one of the town’s principal business structures.


Built in 1910, the Old Post Office in Comfort, TX . It currently houses the “814 A Texas Bistro” food establishment.


This limestone-block building was built in 1890 as a blacksmith shop.  The lower floor was used for smithy and the upper story for living quarters in a regular Hill Country German style.


Ingenhuett Saloon circa 1891.


Karger Pool Hall circa 1913.


The oldest section of this hotel, with its jig-cut brackets and balustrade, was built in 1880. Additional facilities were constructed in 1894, seven years after the coming of the railroad to Comfort.


A controversial monument erected in honor of the German atheists who settled much of the Texas Hill Country in the 1840s.


Just a birdhouse that caught my eye in one of the stores.


Originally, in 1857 this small building was a small stable stop, it is now part of Meyer’s B&B.


Wood combination passenger/freight depot built in 1916 when the 1892 depot burned to the ground. Currently vacant and undergoing restoration.  All tracks are gone.


A beautiful Gothic Revival Church circa 1892. No regular church services held here, as a new yellow brick sanctuary is next door.


The “new” 1952 church next door.


This obelisk is a limestone monument that marks the mass grave of men killed in the Battle of the Nueces.


Comfort School built between 1892-93 with extensive additions and remodeling since.


Graves of around 2500 people lay beyond this arched entrance.


The bust of Ernst Hermann Altgelt, founder of the town of Comfort, Texas.


An octagon gazebo in Comfort City Park.


Grave of Marshall Terrell Steves, Sr – The man responsible for the San Antonio Worlds Fair (HemisFair) is a private cemetery East of Comfort on the way to Sisterdale.


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