I posted a couple of these birdhouses earlier when I first painted them.  Now that most of them are refurbished and back outdoors I thought I post all of them.

This one was the first one I painted.  It is a metal birdhouse. It was in my last post about Yard Art.


The ceramic cardinal is from my previous post also. The paint on it had faded to white.


This Ceramic Orange was also faded to white.


Ceramic Apple was also fading away.

When I ran out of ceramic birdhouses, I moved on to the wood ones. Most of these my husband had to put back together. They were literally falling apart. Once he got them back together I started painting them.

This first one I didn’t repaint.  I thought I looked pretty good still in its Baylor Colors of Green and Gold.  All I did to this one was give it a brick chimney.


This birdhouse was painted as a church.  I just refreshed its paint.   Not real happy with the painted stain glass windows though.


This birdhouse was unpainted.  I made it into a patriotic birdhouse. I Decoupaged the stars on the roof rather than attempt to paint them.


This big two story barn birdhouse had a rusty metal roof and faded red paint. I painted its rusty metal roof with chrome paint and refreshed its red paint.


This birdhouse was blue and had a poem written on the side.  I painted it pink and white and covered it with Decoupaged hearts.  From a distance the hearts are so little the birdhouse looks like it’s covered in polka-dots.


I decided not to mess with this one. It looks good as a rustic log cabin!


My husband need to put a hanger in the roof of this one for me.  I Decoupaged the stained glass windows on this little church and painted it’s rusty tin roof with chrome paint.


This was another birdhouse that wasn’t painted at all. So I painted it pink and chromed its rusty roof.  I Decoupaged flowers on it, because it was just too pink!  It is waiting for my husband to put a hanger in its roof also.


My latest restoration. This birdhouse turned out to be the most work and its my favorite.

Now all these birdhouses are located in my side yard where I can see them from my kitchen window. Only one of them has had birds build a nest in it. Can you guess which one the birds choose? It was the ceramic red cardinal!


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