Rocksprings, Tx – 08/31/16

Rocksprings is the county seat of Edwards County, TX.    It is located on the Edwards Plateau in the Texas Hill Country.  Because of the springs the area was a campsite for sheep/cattle ranchers as early as 1882.  When the Edwards County courthouse at Leakey burned in 1888,  a new, more centrally located site was selected for the county seat.   This campsite was selected and  a town was platted .  A post office opened in 1891.  It was originally called Rock Springs.

First we went looking for two letterboxes in the Rocksprings Cemetery. “Edwards Plateau” and “Mohair Sam”.


In town we went to the courthouse square were we found the old Edwards County jail.  This limestone jail, built in 1891, no longer houses inmates it is vacant.


The Edwards County Courthouse was built in 1891 out of limestone in the Romanesque Revival Style.


There was a really neat statue on the corner of the courthouse square of an Angora Goat.  These goats originally came from Turkey.  Their wool is now a major income source to this county.

dscf0187 dscf0199

The bank across from the courthouse also salutes the Angora trade with mosaic portraits on their wall.

dscf0200 dscf0201 dscf0202 dscf0203

We only found one old church.

dscf0205 dscf0207 dscf0208






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