Red Rock Tour – Van Horn, TX – 08/09/2016

The owners of Red Rock Ranch give guided tours of their beautiful ranch. They have driving tours and hiking tours. Darice McVay was our tour guide, and she recently hurt her foot so the hiking option wasn’t available.  We opted to go ahead and take the driving tour.   It started at the Magnolia Gas Station which is filled with memorabilia.
DSCF9493 DSCF9494 DSCF9495 DSCF9496 DSCF9497 DSCF9497a

This “V” is on Red Rock Ranch property.

DSCF9498 DSCF9499 DSCF9500 DSCF9501

There is a roadrunner sitting on the rocks below, but you can’t really see him.  We saw jackrabbits, cottontail rabbits and birds.  The ranch owners have reintroduced a herd of Calvery Bighorn sheep, which were once a common sight in Texas’ far western hills but although we saw their tracks we never saw the sheep.

DSCF9502 DSCF9503 DSCF9505 DSCF9506 DSCF9507

We stopped at an overlook and got out to look around.  Darice and Ed were looking at this centipede.

DSCF9508 DSCF9509 DSCF9510 DSCF9511 DSCF9512 DSCF9513

Darice called the below outcropping her “camel”.

DSCF9514 DSCF9515 DSCF9516 DSCF9517

We visited the film location of “Dead  Men’s Walk” which is a prequel to Lonesome Dove.

DSCF9518 DSCF9518a DSCF9519 DSCF9520 DSCF9521 DSCF9522

We circled back by the film site.

DSCF9523 DSCF9524 DSCF9525 DSCF9526 DSCF9527 DSCF9528 DSCF9529 DSCF9530 DSCF9531 DSCF9532

The walking tour is in this location, you have to hike to see the pictographs that the Indians left behind.

DSCF9533 DSCF9534 DSCF9535

This old homestead from the late 1800s is another film location.  The movie filmed here was a Tommy Lee Jones film called “Blue Sky”.

DSCF9536 DSCF9537

This rock between us is all that is left of the county’s sandstone courthouse which they tore down.


I truly enjoyed this tour.  If you are ever in the Van Horn area, I recommend you take the tour.  I hope to come back and do the hike to see the pictographs.



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