El Paso, TX 08/09/2016

El Paso is the county seat of El Paso County, TX.  This was our destination for the night and we had time for some fun before checking into the hotel for the night.

We visited the Tigua Indian Cultural Center.  This is a museum with artifacts and history of the Tigua.  After visiting here we looked for a letterbox “Mission Trail Series: Tigua Indian Cultural Center“.

DSCF9557 DSCF9559

Our next stop was at Barnett Harley-Davidson.  They used to be the World’s largest dealership, but Scottsdale, AZ has recently took over that title.  Got a souvenir t-shirt while we were there.

DSCF9560 DSCF9561

We visited Concordia Cemetery next.  The cemetery was established in 1883 by J. B. and Benancia Leahy. When first established, the cemetery was more than two miles outside the city limits. Now, it is surrounded in all directions.

DSCF9563 DSCF9566

Both John Wesley Hardin and the sheriff that shot him in the back are buried not far from each other in this cemetery.  We didn’t visit the sheriff’s grave.


We looked for two letterboxes here:  “Wild West Outlaws:  John Wesley Hardin”  and “Calavera Del Sol“.  Both were gone.

We headed over to find an old movie theater.


We then did the scenic drive to the overlook.

DSCF9578 DSCF9579


We checked in to the Camino Real Hotel for the night.  Originally called the Hotel Paso del Norte, it opened November 1912.  This is a 25-foot stained glass dome which came from Tiffany’s in New York City.  It is made up of 17 pieces and is suspended by wires due to the tremendous weight which would otherwise collapse it from the center.

DSCF9590 DSCF9666 DSCF9668 DSCF9670 DSCF9673 DSCF9674




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