Van Horn, TX – 08/09/16

Van Horn is the county seat of Culberson County, TX.  We planned to spent the night here so before we checked in we went looking around.

First Presbyterian Church building was constructed in 1901.   As of 2013 the church is now known as Primera Iglesia Bautista (First Baptist Church).  The pastor took us inside and gave us a tour.

DSCF9466 DSCF9470

Culberson County Courthouse – 1964 Modern one-story replaced the 1912 courthouse which was razed.


Culberson County Jail – In order to provide local law enforcement in the wake of Mexican bandit attacks, Culberson County was organized in 1911. The following year the county commissioners accepted plans for construction of this red brick jail. Although prisoners at times dug through the brick walls, the structure was used until a new courthouse which included a jail was completed in 1964


Culberson County Historical Museum – Started out as The Cox Building. In 1901 it was an office building that had a pool hall/saloon added on in 1905 and even served as a courthouse before an official one could be built.  In 1918 it was converted into the Clark Hotel.

DSCF9473 DSCF9477 DSCF9480 DSCF9481 DSCF9484 DSCF9485 DSCF9486 DSCF9487 DSCF9488

Magnolia Gas Station – not sure when it was built but there is an old picture of it with cars from the 40s?

DSCF9492 DSCF9490




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