Midland, Tx – 08/07 – 08/08/2016

Midland is the county seat of Midland County, TX.  This was our destination for the night and we had time for some fun before checking into the hotel for the night.

First we went looking for two letterboxes in Hogan Park. “Birds of the Air” and “Wascally Wabbit”. They were supposed to be along a nature trail across from this playground, but we weren’t able to find either on of them.


The Heritage Building (Former Texaco headquarters. Texaco was acquired by Chevron & moved to Chevron owned facility.) which was originally built ca. 1983, was renovated beginning in 2008. It officially opened on September 27, 2010 as the courthouse.  The old courthouse was torn down and is now apartment buildings.


We saw this Methodist Church while looking for a Statue of Liberty, which has been moved somewhere else.


We also spotted this mural while driving around.


The 1899 Brown-Dorsey Medallion Home, believed to be the oldest house in Midland.


The Federal Courthouse was our next stop. 


In front of it is the Tribute to the American Soldier – This memorial, full of symbolism, was created in 1975 as part of the General Services Administration Art-in-Architecture Program. Standing upright in a red gravel lined ring, the large concrete block displays tributes to the American Soldier on each of its four sides.


We went to visit the Museum of the Southwest.

DSCF9317 DSCF9319 DSCF9325 DSCF9327 DSCF9332 DSCF9336 DSCF9337 DSCF9341

Old Maude is a life-size bronze Texas Longhorn cow and calf in a beautiful setting near the Nita Stuart Haley Memorial Library.


After a good night’s sleep we continued our journey.  On the way out of town we stopped by Rockhound Stadium to hunt for “The Home Run That Never Was”.  We were not able to find it.

We continued on to Midland Airport to look for “The Pliska Aeroplane”.It too has gone missing.

While at the airport we also visited the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  It is dedicated to the West Texans, in the 30 Counties of the Permian Basin Region, who sacrificed their lives in the long struggle over Vietnam.

DSCF9347 DSCF9355



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