Brownwood, Tx – 08/07/16

Brownwood is the county seat of Brown County, TX.  Since we were passing through we decided to look around.

Old County Jail – The castle-like building is four stories high.  Built in 1903 it served as a jail until 1981.  It now houses the Brown County Museum of History.


Brown County Courthouse – This is the 4th courthouse built for the county.  It is a lovely Classical Revival building, completed in 1918.


Lyric Theater was built in 1914. It closed on July 2, 1958 and set empty for many years. It is now been restored and is a performing arts theater.


St. John’s Episcopal Church – Lovely Gothic style church built in 1892. Stained glass windows were designed, assembled, and shipped from Belgium in 1894.


National Register of Historic Places has two homes listed: 701 and 707 Center Ave. Both are Colonial Revival Style homes from the early 1900’s.

DSCF9234 DSCF9237

Santa Fe Railroad Station – The last passenger train through Brownwood left the station in July of 1968.  The beautiful Prairie Style building now houses the Chamber of Commerce.


Martin & Frances Lehnis Railroad Museum has another Santa Fe Railroad station. This one was moved here from Kress, TX.


A larger than life size statue of Gen. MacArthur is located on the campus of Howard Payne University.


Greenleaf Cemetery – The Greenleaf Cemetery was established in 1868. Greenleaf Fisk donated 10 acres. The cemetery was named Round Mountain and later renamed Greenleaf. The Brownwood Garden Club built the present entrance. We left behind a letterbox here (for information on this hobby visit



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