Veteran’s Park and Athletic Center

This is a 150 Acre Park with Athletic Fields (Soccer/Softball/Baseball), Basketball Courts and a walking path lined with multiple veteran memorials.

We passed by the baseball fields with games in progress.



This pavilion will accommodate 500 people and features a complete kitchen and restroom facilities & a stage. Parking will accommodate approximately 147 cars with additional parking spaces near the soccer fields.


As we stared along the walkway we first came to the “War on Terror” Memorial.  The memorial’s centerpiece is a rusted metal girder from one of the collapsed towers of the World Trade Center. The artifact was presented to the members of TX Task Force 1 from the Brazos Valley, who assisted with the search and rescue effort on 9-11.



We next encountered the Civil War display which has a Confederate States Army Soldier and a Union Army Soldier.


We next came to the “Come and Take It” statue of a Texas frontiersman.  The dedication of the statue took place on the 175th anniversary of the first military engagement of the War for Texas Independence, the Battle of Gonzales.


Next to appear was a sailor from the War of 1812 hoisting an imaginary sail.  The life size bronze statue is entitled, “Don’t give up the ship!”


The statues then skip back to the Revolutionary War.  It is a historically accurate depiction of a Revolutionary War era Continental soldier.  The life size figure is depicted in the act of reloading his musket while advancing to the fight.


Just beyond him is the main plaza with the red granite Wall of Honor which lists more than 4,800 names of veterans from all periods of United States history, including 24 United States Presidents who served in the military and seven Texas A&M University former students who received the Medal of Honor.



Nearby is a display of flags.


Also in this plaza are three pillars with names on them.


Leaving the plaza we next came to two World War II statues.  One from the European battlefield entitle “Letter from Home”.


and one from the Pacific battlefield which is of George H.W. Bush as a young US Naval Aviator.


Continuing along the path we came to a Korean War Memorial.  It is a dual bronze statue featuring  the likeness of a Korean soldier and an American soldier standing together to face the enemy.


The last of the Memorials along the pathway is the Vietnam Memorial.  Sculptor J. Payne Lara created a bronze, full-size, sort-of-3-D replica of a Huey helicopter unloading soldiers at a dangerous Vietnam War landing zone, or in soldier’s terms, a “Hot LZ.” Dedicated on May 31, 2014.



I’m unsure as to plans for future memorials…        will there be one for World War I?







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