Fulton Mansion Tour (Fulton, TX) – June 22, 2016

Looking for something fun to do in the Rockport/Fulton Area of the Gulf Coast. I recommend you check out the Fulton Mansion. The exterior of the house is in the French Second Empire Style and is lovely.  It is three stories sitting on a concrete basement.  The tour is open to the first and second floor.  We also visited the basement.


We parked at the front and saw these historical markers.



We headed over to check out the fountain in front of the house.



A volunteer intercepted us and told us that we needed to park at the visitor’s center at the back of the property and get our tickets there. The tour starts at the back door. It was $6.00 for the tour tickets. There is also a museum of sorts at the visitor’s center that tells you all about Fulton (he was an engineer and bridge builder among other things).


We headed over to the back of the house to start the tour.


The house was smaller than I’d thought it would be but it was amazing all the same. That lovely fireplace isn’t a fireplace at all. It is a vent for central heat. Yes, back in 1874 Fulton had a furnace in the basement of the home and all the rooms had fireplace vents.



The lovely design around the light fixture is made of plaster. It is amazing that they could get wet plaster to stick to the ceiling like that.


The doors to the dining room were pocket doors that slid into the walls. They are made of cypress wood and black walnut. Lovely arched design.  The tour guide will open the door and show you.  Don’t try to open the door yourself.


We then headed upstairs to a sitting room and bedrooms.





This is were the bathroom is located also.  Again in 1874 they had indoor plumbing!


From the window at the front of the house I took another picture of the fountain.  This was through a  screen so it is a grainy picture.


We headed back downstairs where the tour guide told us that the mansion had the first phone service in the area.  I didn’t take a picture of the phone.  This  metal grate in the floor is for the return air for the furnace. 


One last picture of the lovely staircase and then we headed down into the basement.


This is where all the food was stored and prepared.  I didn’t see a dumb waiter so I assume the servants carried the food up the stairs to serve it.




The kitchen stove was missing but they had a picture of what it would have looked like.


It was an interesting tour.  We headed back around to the front of the house for one more picture before leaving.



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