Trinity University 1871


Did you know that Trinity University began life at Tehuacana, TX? Where is that you ask. It is in Limestone County in Central Texas. Despite recognition as a “Class A University” and sacrificial efforts by trustees, faculty, and staff they were unable to overcome a chronic lack of financial resources. By the end of the century, enrollment had dramatically declined. The only options were to close or to relocate.

Having just discovered that this old college was in the neighborhood, I went looking for it. It is on the National Register of historical places, but it is literally falling to pieces. What a waste of a beautiful building.






When I circled the building I found the back door standing wide open so I ventured inside. What a mess. But the stairs were still intact so I ventured up and found the auditorium.



The windows are mostly broken out and the vultures were making themselves at home.



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