Eastland Outdoor Art Museum 1/9/16

We were in Eastland to do a volksmarching event.  We heard that there was outdoor art along the walk route.  We watched for it as we walked along and we found several.  We had to stray from the walk route a little but we found these.

DSCF5677 DSCF5678 DSCF5684 DSCF5688 DSCF5689 DSCF5690 DSCF5701 DSCF5739 DSCF5740 DSCF5741 DSCF5748 DSCF5754

As we drove back toward I-20 we found several more and pulled over to take pictures of them.

DSCF5757 DSCF5760 DSCF5761 DSCF5762 DSCF5763 DSCF5764

So if you happen to be traveling I-20 between Abilene and Fort Worth and need a break, pull over in Eastland and see how many you can find.  Or if you know ahead of time you are heading that way, you can get a map from the Chamber of Commerce.

Information from the Eastland Foundation website:

Eastland’s Outdoor Art Exhibit consists of 41 wonderful pieces of art placed near or on businesses throughout Eastland. Each piece of art includes a story of the painter’s life or interesting details about the original piece of art. Maps are located at the Chamber of Commerce and at the huge Campbell’s Soup Can next to Dairy Queen, on the Interstate Service Road.


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