SAS Shoe Factory/General Store – San Antonio -12/19/15


A recent road trip to Eagle Pass took us through San Antonio. We like SAS shoes so we decided to stop and visit.


We headed from the parking lot toward the beautiful old cars on display.


This appears to be an old gas station.


We didn’t go up on the porch so I don’t know if it was open or not.


Headed down the other side of the vehicle display.


1939 Ford.


We turned right and continued down the side of the building to see what was displayed here.




Turned around when we reached the end and headed back.


I so remember screen doors with this kind of advertisement.  Not Rainbo because I’m not from around here, but the name doesn’t matter.


Things you wouldn’t expect to see inside a shoe store.  This is a wonderful selection of soaps, creams, etc.   I wonder which came first.  This SAS General Store or Cracker Barrel? 





Picture of the SAS (Siesta Valley) Ranch.  They used to hold walking events there once a year.  SAS used to be a sponsor of the American Volkssport Association.  When I started doing volksmarching and saw so many people wearing SAS shoes I had to give them a try.  Am I ever glad I did. 


Before we hit the road again I had to visit the Ladies Room.  So nice.


They honor the SAS employees and their family members who have served our country.

I left with a new pair of SAS shoes and a couple of beautiful Christmas Ornaments.  Thanks SAS for this great General Store.


2 thoughts on “SAS Shoe Factory/General Store – San Antonio -12/19/15

  1. Howdy, my name is Elliott and I’m with SAS shoes. We came upon your post and love all your great pictures and descriptions. We were hoping we could share your experience on our General Store Facebook page. Would you be okay with your story being shared?

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