Google has failed me!

Current Shelby County Courthouse remains a mystery.

Current Shelby County Courthouse remains a mystery. also has  This is a site that lets you visit interesting locations, take a picture to prove you were there and get credit for your visit.  For others to have a location to visit someone has to go to the trouble of setting up a location.

Since I’ve visited quite a few of the courthouses of Texas I went back through my pictures and recorded my visits to ones that were set up by others. When I found a picture of a courthouse that wasn’t already listed, I created a waymark for it. 

To set up a waymark you have to fill out a great deal of information.

The form we must fill out wants to know the year it was built and who the Architect was.  There is also a block where you put in any other interesting information you know about the courthouse.

While attempting to set up the current Shelby County Courthouse in Center, TX, I’ve run into a blank wall.  There is a picture of it on the county’s website but absolutely no information about this building.

If anyone knows anything about this current courthouse (I believe it is the fourth one for Shelby County), I would appreciate you leaving the information in the comments because Google has been absolutely no help at all on this one!


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