Columbia River Gorge – June 15

After completing a 13K hike to see all the falls at Silver Falls State Park we headed out to be tourists.  We drove Old Hwy 30 up the Columbia River Gorge.  Our first stop was the Vista House overlook (formal title is Portland Women’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint at Chanticleer Point, Oregon). DSCF2581 DSCF2583

We continued on Hwy 30 to Crown Point to visit the Vista House.  It was built in 1918 as a rest stop for travelers. 


We stopped here to view Latourell Falls.  Latourell Falls Bridge is a concrete bridge built in 1914.  You can not see the falls from the bridge.


We strolled down from the parking area to see the falls which plunge 249 feet.


A closer view of Latoureel Falls with the lichen growing on the rock.


We continued up the gorge on Hwy 30 and soon we reached Wahkeena Falls.   


We continued on and in less than a quarter mile we reached our destination.  Here is our first view of Multnomah Falls.


Closer view with the bridge and Carol.


That is us in the middle of the bridge you can tell by Carol’s shirt.


Another shot of the beautiful bridge.


Leaving there we passed by Horsetail Falls and stopped to look.


On our way back out of the gorge we swung by to see the post office at Bridal Falls, OR.  The Bridal Veil Post Office (est. 1887) is one of the smallest free-standing Post Office buildings in the United States, at only 10 feet by 14 feet. Its closet-size lobby has 60 post office boxes.




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