Lake Rita Blanca – Dalhart, TX

The Lake Rita Blanca Park is owned and maintained by the City of Dalhart. According to their website, the hiking/biking/horse trails around the area make it perfect for wildlife viewing. We were spending another night in Dalhart, so we needed something to fill our day. Didn’t want to spend in cooped up in a motel room. So we headed over to take a look just as a front blew through. The news that night said the wind gusts had reached 50 mph. It only dropped the actual temperature 5 degrees but it felt colder than that out in that wind. We did most of our viewing from inside our vehicle.


View of the hiking/biking/horse trail on the north side of the lake from the first overlook.


Lots of rocks and sagebrush.


We drove right down to the edge of the lake as it sits now in drought conditions.  This area should be under water.


Driving around to the south end we found another overlook.  As you can see the tower for the dam is sitting completely out of the water.  The depth gauge on the side unneeded.


Looking east toward a new subdivision.  They are too far away to be able to see the lake.

This is what it looks like trying to stand in 50 mph wind.  It was blowing across the lake against his back and he wasn’t enjoying the blowing dust at all.


Looking north across the lake.


Rock outcroppings to the west of our location.


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