Groom, TX – Easter 2015

When driving West on I-40 from Oklahoma into Texas you will come to Groom.  Long before you get there you can see the cross.  It used to be more impressive but now the wind generator towers makes it harder to see.  Built in 1995 by Steve Thomas, the cross stands 190 feet and weighs 2.5 million pounds.  Forming a circle round it’s base are bronze statues which depict the Stations of the Cross – a series of images depicting Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion.

There is a building that houses a movie theatre (free film), a gift shop, and this fountain with Jesus.

There is also a Last Supper sculpture but they were holding church service there and we arrived in the middle, so we didn’t intrude. We continued on around to view the tomb.


Here is a picture of the cross.


If you are traveling I-40 and pass Groom, I recommend this as a place to stop for awhile.


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