4 Months of Waymarking


Waymarking.com is a part of Geocaching.  Waymarking is a treasure hunt of the photographic kind.  Anyone with a Geocaching.com profile automatically has a free Waymarking.com profile.  Simply use your Geocaching.com username and password on Waymarking.com.  You can combine both activities when you’re exploring another country or just down the block.

To play you just visit the listed waymark in person.   Places where you would enjoy visiting  anyway, and take a picture to prove you were there.  (Requirements for each category of waymark differ so read the requirements.)  You log your visit and your photo for others to enjoy.   In four months I’ve logged visits to 1205 waymarks.


If you find a location that is of particular interest that isn’t already listed you can use your  photography skills to create a waymark online for others to visit.  To date I’ve added 116 new locations to the website, places like this Lefty Frizzell statue in Corsicana, TX.  I’ve been to Corsicana many times, and never knew that Lefty was from there.   So in addition to getting outside and taking pictures, you also learn a lot while playing the game.

I hope that if you enjoy photography and travel that you will join the waymarking.com community.  It is a great hobby.


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