Latest hobby – Waymarking

submit_waymark is a part of Geocaching. There is a free version and a premium version with more “perks”. I have settled for the free version for now.

Waymarking is a treasure hunt of the photographic kind. They give you the GPS coordinates and you find the item waymarked. You record your find with a photo and you post your photo to the waymarking website to log it. These types of geocaches used to be called Virtuals but they discontinued that and created waymarking instead. Many interesting places are too “public” to hide a geocache. With waymarking you can still enjoy the hunt and see some pretty unique things. There are many mundane things like McDonalds, etc but I’m not interested in recording my stop there. Maybe if I visited one in China that would be cool, but on the whole I’m interested in other stuff.

Okay back to the hunt. You can enter just a city and state and waymarking will provide a list all the waymarks in the area. Great for when you are traveling and want to see what might be there. Waymarking has categories that are great for that.

• German-American Heritage Sites
• Official Local Tourism Attractions
• Roadside Attractions
• U.S. National Register of Historic Places
• Scenic Roadside Look-Outs

If you enter your home city, you may have visited some waymarks already. Most locations have places like these:

• This Old Church
• Cathedrals
• Antique Hotels
• Courthouses
• Carnegie Library Buildings
• Vintage Movie Theaters
• Water Towers (the one at Oatmeal, TX is painted like a box of oatmeal)
• Historic Forts
• Civilian Conservation Corps (anything constructed by the CCC)
• Fountains
• Oddball Museums (like the toilet seat one in San Antonio, TX)

If you have these type places and they aren’t listed you can usually add a waymark to the website. Each category has a list of specifications you must meet to get your item added. They don’t all have the same requirements. They do all require, however, the GPS coordinates for the location.

Other than those already listed above my own personal favorite categories of waymarks are:

1. Bridges

o Truss Bridges
o Suspension Bridges

2. Art

o Mosaic
o Mural
o Photo Cutouts (Don’t you just love putting your head in them!)
o Gargoyles

3. Statues and Sculptures

o Musician Statues
o Statues of Historic Figures
o Abstract Public Sculptures (Chihuly glass is my favorites in this category)
o Famous Fictional Figures
o Figurative Public Sculpture (ones that represent a topic like “Cowboy” rather than an actual person)
o Bear Statues
o School Mascots
o Relief Art Sculptures
o Epic Beings and Creatures (Mermaids, trolls, pixies, etc)

4. Gardens

o Sculpture Gardens
o Arboretums

5. Miscellaneous

o Veteran’s Memorials (there are subcategories for Civil War, Korea, Vietnam, etc)
o Eternal Flames
o Grave of a Famous Person
o Abandoned Train Tunnels
o Superlatives (Oldest, Tallest, Longest, etc)
o Neon Signs
o Carousels

Hope if you enjoy photography and travel that you will join the community.  It is a great hobby.


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