Rains County Car Show 09-13

We were in Emory (county seat of Rains County) for a volksmarch.  We lucked out as we walked right past the Courthouse Square where all the cars for the car show were assembled.  We had wonderful fall weather for this walk and really enjoyed time strolling threw the parked cars.  Hope you see one you like.

DSCF9629 DSCF9630 DSCF9631 DSCF9632 DSCF9633 DSCF9634 DSCF9636 DSCF9637 victoria DSCF9645 DSCF9644 DSCF9643 DSCF9642 DSCF9641 DSCF9640 DSCF9638


One thought on “Rains County Car Show 09-13

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