Fort McKavett, TX


This is State Historic Site and it costs $4.00 to get entry.  This frontier post was established to guard the upper “San Antonio – El Paso” Road.  Set on a hilltop it allowed distant views in all directions.


The post was home to 350-500 men.  The Hospital Building now houses the museum, gift shop, etc.


There was a spring a quarter of a mile away that provided dependable water for the post.  There is a nature trail that leads to it and the quarry and lime kiln.



The fort is constructed of stone that the soldiers quarried themselves.

Officers brought their families with them so there was a school on post but I didn’t take a picture of the school.





The commanding officer’s home was the only two story building.  It was constructed in 1856 and was destroyed by fire in 1941.



Ruins of the officers’s quarters.


Ruins of the enlisted men’s barracks.  It was once the longest military building west of the Mississippi River.


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