Car show in Fairfield, TX

Once a year the city of Fairfield’s hosts a car show.  I don’t know if it is always the weekend after Labor Day or not.  We were passing through on Saturday and saw all the cars so we had to stop and look around.  They had a lot of trophy’s ready to give away.

DSCF6304 DSCF6328 DSCF6329 DSCF6330 DSCF6331 DSCF6332 DSCF6333 DSCF6334 DSCF6335 DSCF6336 DSCF6337 DSCF6338 DSCF6339 DSCF6340 DSCF6341 DSCF6342 DSCF6343 DSCF6344 DSCF6345 DSCF6346 DSCF6347 DSCF6348 DSCF6349 DSCF6350 DSCF6351 DSCF6353


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