Cruise Night August

The first Saturday of each month (through November) the Church of the Open Door in Bellmead is the place to be to see a variety of cool vehicles.  If you own such a vehicle you should bring it out.  BIG 95 KBGO furnishes great oldies music.  There was  a vender set up with a variety of signs for sale.   Here are my pictures.  I think I got cars different from the ones I previously posted.  Lots of people come every month to this cruise in, so as time goes on it will be harder to find different vehicles to post pictures of.

DSCF6061 DSCF6062 DSCF6064 DSCF6066 DSCF6067 DSCF6068 DSCF6069 DSCF6070 DSCF6071 DSCF6072 DSCF6073 DSCF6074 DSCF6075 DSCF6076 DSCF6077 DSCF6078 DSCF6079 DSCF6080 DSCF6082 DSCF6083 DSCF6084 DSCF6085 DSCF6086 DSCF6087


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