Anson, Tx is an interesting place.

Posted on: July 7, 2013

While traveling through west Texas this weekend we passed through Anson and found it to be an interesting place.

1. Anson is the county seat for Jones County.  The city and county were named for Anson Jones who was the last president of the Republic of Texas.

Jones County Courthouse

Jones County Courthouse

There are several nice murals, but this is the only one I took a picture of.

Mural on the side of city hall.

Mural on the side of city hall.

2. Every December since 1885 the town of Anson has hosted the Cowboy’s Christmas Ball to honor the ranch men who work so hard all year.  There is a mural inside the Post Office of this event.

Anson Post Office

Anson Post Office

Cowboy's Christmas Ball mural inside the Post Office.

Cowboy’s Christmas Ball mural inside the Post Office.


In 1890, William Lawrence (Larry) Chittenden made the ball famous by writing a poem about it.

In 2011 Michael Martin Murphy recorded the poem.  You can hear it at



4 Responses to "Anson, Tx is an interesting place."

Hello! Found your blog through a random search and thought I’d add that if you want to see Anson Jones’s house, it’s beautifully preserved at Washington on the Brazos in Navasota. Love your photos. Cheers!

Thanks for the reminder. I didn’t make the connection. I’ve been to Washington-on-the-Brazos for a 10K event.

Yep! The house is in the picture of Barrington Farm. 🙂 LOVE what you are doing and I wish you much success!

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