Rockport, TX

We revisited Rockport when we volksmarched in Victoria.  We will spend three days (2 nights) in Rockport.  We stayed at the Surfside Motel which was overpriced but was the only place I could find for the dates I wanted.   On day one we visited the city park. I’  It was very nice with a wetlands area.   I’ve never seen this many turtles together.  As we were standing there a lady came up with a loaf of bread and started feeding the turtles.  I didn’t know turtles ate bread!

Our next stop was the Rockport  beach were there was a huge crowd and there were lots of neat kites.  You have to pay to park in this area so we parked and walked the beach.  I pointed out what I thought was a piece of broken glass to DH and he told me it was a Jellyfish!  We then looked out in the water and we could spot them in the water.  There were lots of people playing in the water, I don’t understand why no one was getting stung.

Day two we got up and watched the sun come up over the bay.  We drove around and the clouds were so nice I kept snapping pictures.

DSCF5732                                     DSCF5736

We went back out to the park and on the way we passed this historic home.  It was built in the 1880s and is the Queen Ann Style.  Original owner was a Judge.  Oral history claims that 200 people took refuge here during the 1919 hurricane.


We spotted this neat fountain and some nice landscaping.  We also found this small church.

We found a Century plant that made a nice picture with clouds.  There was a historic school and I liked these small homes with their bright colors.

We got back to the park and walked the trail around the small lakes.  We saw people feeding the sea gulls this time.  They may have been trying to feed the turtles but the sea gulls were getting the bread.  We were accosted by several squirrels that came to beg but we didn’t have anything to feed them.

We went back to the downtown area and saw this whirligig and a cement gorilla.

DSCF5760                                       DSCF5761

Our last stop was the aquarium which is really small, but it was free.  It was really great.

DSCF5765      DSCF5764    DSCF5763


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