Scarborough Renaissance Festival

We visited Scarborough Faire and arrived early.  The gate opens at 10am but there is an opening show at 9:30 outside the gate.  I didn’t realize that the people coming to visit the Faire become a part of it.  The players actively engage the visitors and you become part of the show.  Pretty much funny until it happens to you.  These first pictures are from that opening show.

Once inside the main gate we wandered through the crowd and found a glass blower’s shop.  We continued to wander but came back in time for his glass blowing demonstration.  The melted glass he was working with was at 2,000 degrees!  He  proceeded to make this first goblet but wasn’t happy with it and threw it away before finishing.  He completed another goblet and I would have enjoyed purchasing it just because I’d watched it made, but it takes a full 24 hours for it to cool completely and I won’t be coming back tomorrow.

Leaving the glass blowers were hurried over to the jousting arena as the fun there was about to begin.  We were lucky and found a nice picnic table to sit at and watch the fun.  They did a lot of games  –  plucking rings from the hands of the squires with their lances but they did not joust.  They told us to come back at 2pm and they would have donned their armor and would be ready to joust.

Wandering away from the jousting arena we came to the whimsy stage where the jester’s were putting on a good show.  Once again they brought a person from the audience to become part of the act.  The man took it very well and went along with the gags.  At the end of the show they passed a basket asking for our approval in the form of currency.  I wasn’t prepared for this and had not brought along cash.  So be warned if you go to the Faire, you are expected to leave a donation at each one of the shows.


After the jester’s show we wandered through the mermaid lagoon where you can (for a donation) have your picture taken with a mermaid.


We continued to wander the shops and passed this one which sells lotions and perfumes.


After a snack at the royal kitchen we continued our tour and came upon the Ivanhoe stage where the belly dancers were performing.

DSCF5555 DSCF5556

It was now time to return to the jousting field and see how the joust would play out.  This time the crowd was much larger and we were told by the squires before it began which knights we were to cheer for.  We were also asked to boo the others.  I wasn’t too happy about this because we were setting in the section that was to cheer for the “bad” knights who cheated!  If you go and want to cheer for the honorable knights sit in the sections at the ends away from the castle.  The joust did not settle who the best knight was; so we were invited to come back at 6pm for a hand to hand sword fight competition.

We had spent most of the day in the Pecan Grove section of the Faire.  When we left the jousting field we went over to the other side which is called Holly Field.  We passed this skeleton on the roof of a pub and we saw a man with a fox tail.

DSCF5568 DSCF5569

We next encountered the turtle dome where a race was about to start.

DSCF5572 DSCF5573

We didn’t even have to leave because the Gypsies took the stage immediately after the turtles.  They picked several people from the audience to help with their performance.

Leaving there we wandered over to peg leg stage where some pirates were performing.  We didn’t stay long however.  There were kids in the audience and I was uncomfortable with the songs they were singing and the way they were acting.

DSCF5580 DSCF5580a

We continued looking in the shops and came to one that had hand carved staffs, canes and wall carvings.  Very nice work.

DSCF5582 DSCF5583
By then it was 5pm and I was tired.  We made our way back to the Crown Meadow and the exit.  As we did we passed the falconry stage where a show was in progress.  They had just taken away a buzzard and they brought out an owl so we stood and watched for a time.  I tried several times to get a good picture of the falcon but this is the best I got.

DSCF5588 DSCF5589
We left the birds behind and made our way out.  It was a fun day, everyone should go at least once.

Looking back at Yorkshire tower as we head toward the exit.
Looking back at Yorkshire tower as we head toward the exit.

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