Rockport, TX

While on the coast doing Volksmarches we detoured into Rockport to check it out.  This is a pretty little town.  It would be a great location for a Volksmarch!  I particularly liked the blue crab at the park entrance.


The sign belows tells the story of the crab.  It was originally on the Del Mar Grill and was made of paper mache’. chicken wire and rebar.  It weathered  both hurricane Carla and hurricane Beulah.  When the restaurant closed the Chamber of Commerce bought the crab and it was put on a trailer and used in parades.  In October of 1966 the crab was moved to Veterans Memorial park.  In 1969 a helpful winter Texan repainted the Crab, but he painted the pinchers red changing it to a female Crab.  Hurrican Celia in 1970 caused some deterioration and in 1976 the Crab was taken down.  Starting in 2011, local artist David Allgood, donated his time and talent to recreate the Crab using aluminum rods and tubing, screen, resin and matting.  This Crab is bigger than the original.  It is 25 feet wide and 27 feet deep.

Here are some other pictures I took while visiting Rockport.



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